Short Story: coral’s life

Why did I end up here? Why me? I did nothing wrong. I lay here in a bed of broken pieces of me. I lie in the shoreline where the waves took me. I was once a magnificent coral with many branches and limbs but now I have nothing to rejoice. I am now a fragment of who I was. I am a dead coral. A coral that humans step on whenever they enjoy the pleasantries of the beach. I remember I used to live in a beautiful reef. My family and I lived in a grand stone where we enjoy the richness of the sunlight. Everything was filled with life. Oh! Sweet joy does it give me when I recall those wonderful memories. It gives us so much gladness when many fish lived with us. They find comfort and security when they hide in our little gaps and holes. We feel proud when they rely on us. It makes us happy when many finds benefit on us for it gives us a purpose to live. Now my family is lost and broken as much as I am now. I do not know where the waves have taken them nor do I know where I am. Oh, how I curse that wretched day! When several boats cast their shadows on our reef, we knew something was wrong. They threw a piece of stick that descended slowly towards our neighboring reef and exploded. We saw them broken and shattered. They threw that exploding stick one after the other until it reached over to our cluster. It was last time I saw my family. I am tormented of that day but I have hope that the waves will take me to back. That hope gives me a reason to live.


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