Letter: Power within

Dear friend, wishing won’t get you anywhere. It may be the first step but the key is the decision to change. Once you’ve decided, that is where the real struggle begins. In other words, it is where you are tested if you have the discipline and commitment to change. Anyone can decide honey, but to have the guts to continue is something else. You have that power. You are stronger than you think and believe. You have more control of your life. When people say you can’t and are incapable, they are actually telling you about their weakness and limit. That is theirs’. You, my friend, have not yet tested the waters. Before believing them, won’t you just try?

You are a force to be reckoned with. I believe that. I believe in the infinite potential that you hold. Can’t you see that life is in the palms of your hands? The blessings are already in front of you. All you need to do is reach out and grab them. People will find you crazy like they find me. But they don’t matter because they aren’t the one who’s going to work hard, hustle, grit, and grind, just to make their dreams come true. They won’t understand your journey because it’s exactly that, it’s not their journey. It is yours.

If you still don’t believe in yourself, I have a few tips. This might help boost your self-confidence. First of all, when you desire something, imagine yourself already having it. Close your eyes and imagine. Imagine it in front of you and holding it in your hand (if it is a physical object). If your dream is to become a business woman, chef, teacher or any one you want to be, close your eyes and imagine already achieving it. How does it feel to already have or be what you’ve always wanted? Feel it. What would your day be like? Second, use affirmations. If you want to be an outstanding teacher that inspires and empowers children, affirm every morning and night that you are that kind of teacher and believe it. Say it out loud, “I am an outstanding teacher that empowers and inspires my students!” You have to say this every day to remind yourself. You need to learn the habit of remembering your goal. We are bombarded with information- from work, school, friends, family. It is all too much. Reading it and declaring it every day will help you start and end your day with your goal in mind. The third tip is to be specific. When you want to achieve something, you must be specific. To achieve a goal, you must know it’s backbone. It is unlikely that a successful person achieves his vague goals. They must make their goals very specific so they can break it down into smaller goals. Small goals become a ladder that helps the climber all the way up to the top.

Those are only a few tips. I hope you find it useful. Remember, friend, confidence is not the belief of that people will like you but the belief that it is ok that they won’t. It is this state of comfortability of being oneself makes you become confident. Nobody is perfect. The sooner you accept your flaws, imperfections, and faults, the sooner you accept yourself. Stop pointing out your bad qualities and start pointing at your good ones. Here is a good exercise. Stand in front of a mirror and point out what you love about your body and yourself as a whole. You might end up smiling. Shift your focus on the possibilities and not the impossible. Remember the word impossible reads “I’m possible”

Stop denying yourself from the countless possibilities and be free to take the risk and just try. You never know what might happen but it is better to know and fail than live with regret. Believe me, when I say,  everything you need is already in you, all you need is to believe in yourself. If you still don’t, know that I do and you can start from that.


With love,




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