Short Story: The path I chose

“A thousand roads I see; a thousand roads in front of me. Which must I choose? Where must I go?” I have been roaming around here for quite some time. Is this a path I should be on? Am I where I should be? When I encounter an intersection, I get frazzled. I get scared. “I don’t know where it will take me.” I always say. After hours of pacing back and forth, I end up deciding to move forward. Which path? I don’t know.

“Which path must I take? Which path should I choose?” I was told of the unlimited possibilities of life. So many options in front of me. Looking at these roads, I believe them. I can be anyone I want to be. But who do I want to be? Knowing oneself would be useful right now. By knowing oneself, I could easily choose a path. But even if I do know myself, how sure am I of the path I have chosen?


Another intersection. “Which way should I go? Which should I choose?” I’m at the crossroads yet again. I crunched down and start to panic. “Trust”, I heard my heart whisper. “Trust”, there it goes again. “It will all work out. If it doesn’t, make your own path. You have that power.” Yes, trust is the answer that I’ve been looking. Trust is what I need. “Life is a journey. My destination is not as important as how I get there.” I exclaimed. Whatever path I take is worth celebrating. For I have, is, and will live and experience; rejoice and dismay, conquer and fail. I have time to discover and time to recover. I am entitled to change paths whenever I want. While we live, we must keep living. We must keep walking down the path we have chosen.


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