Short Story: Enough

Sunlight suddenly peered into the window, it was sunrise. I picked up my empty mug and slid it on top of the counter; brewed some coffee and poured it in. All my drafts are on the floor- drawings, paintings, and sketches. I squatted down in the middle of all unfinished materials. I took a big sip and started to sketch. The warm smell of coffee overwhelmed the air. My rustic apartment induced the creativity in me but I can never finish a piece. It seems to always be incomplete. I wonder if it’s the perfectionist in me? “Uggghhh!!” In frustration, I crumpled my draft and laid back on the floor. The sunlight shone on my body, comforting me. I glanced on every drawing I made and sighed. “It’s never enough. I need something different. Something new.” I saw my crayons and reached for them. I’ve broken them so many times due to frustration and anger. But they always color, no matter how broken they are. So am I. I draw and paint no matter what. I’ve been broken but I’ve always seemed to get back up. Same as my dried up paints. All they need is a little watering and they’re good to go. “The deadline is today and I have nothing to give.” I sat up and gathered my thoughts. sighed once more and picked up my work. “They’ll have to do.” I sent in my work, raw and imperfect. Which one? All of them. They never gave a limit to how many we could send in. After that, I took a bath and waited. A week has passed and still nothing until my phone rang. “Hello?” “Is this Ms. Isabel Santiago?” the person on the other end asked. “Yes, it is.” “Well, Ms. Santiago, you won. Please claim your prize of five thousand dollars at the Becker building tomorrow morning. We were so impressed with your work that we would like to offer you a job………” That was all I remembered from our conversation. I sat on my couch with my face on my hands. “I was enough.”


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