Short Story: a Wish

In a galaxy, not-so-far away, lives a little star. Every night he would go to work and shine in the night sky. One night, the little star went to work. He flew to the sky and he waited patiently for the other stars to take their position. We looked at his watch and realized that the others were late. “I wish I could finally accept myself for who I am”, a gentle whisper reached his ear. It was six o’clock in the evening and he was the only one in the sky. Worried about his friends, he flew up further, in search of his friends. He searched high and low but wasn’t able to find them. It was up to him to make the night sky shine even if he was going to do it alone. He went back to the sky, only to find his friends there.

“You’re here? I thought something must have happened to you guys, so I went looking for you.”, the little one said.

The biggest and wisest star flew towards him and said: “we were here on time; it is you who are late.”

“No, I was early. I was here exactly at 6 o’clock. You’re the one who’s late. It’s 9 pm now.”

“Oh, little one. Your watch is too early. In our watch it’s still 8 pm. But since you were here early, you are lucky.” the biggest star said.

“Lucky? Why?”

“The first star to fly in the night sky is called the wishing star. It means that the people down below give you their wish. The wishing star has the ability to make those dreams come true. When you came early, did you hear one?”

“I did!” the little star exclaimed.

“Make it come true.” “how?” “Believe”. The little star believed and it came true.


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