Short Story: Stranded

The winds were terribly strong today. It made the waves rise higher than ever. The sea was clear; it was turquoise, my favorite color. I laid on the beach not knowing what I’m going to do. I’ve been stranded on this island for three days now. I’m just thankful for the sun. The heat was warm and comforting. For a few seconds, I was happy until I opened my eyes. Reality kicks in. I’m stuck here. I made a small hut for myself on an island in the South East. I stayed by the shore just in case ships might possibly pass by with hope that I might find rescue. When a storm wrecked our boat, this is where the waves took me. And a few soaked supplies. Unfortunately, there were only two can of beans. Now, all I hear is silence and the waves crashing. I feel so alone. Despite that, I had to stand up and find something to eat for supper. So I did. I took the stick I made and tried to fish. It took me several tries to break a piece of wood and check if the edge was sharp enough. Thankfully, there were fish to catch in shallow waters. I didn’t know I’d be good at it until it was the only thing to keep me alive. I live on fish, beans and coconut water. Coconut was one thing I was so thankful for. I saw these mature coconuts and looked for heavy rocks to crush them with. I know if I use most of my energy to open them, I would be starving. So, using gravity won’t be as vexing. It took me three tries of dropping a heavy rock on the coconut before it gave me food and fiber for my fire. Every day, every meal. When night fell and I see the cosmos way up high, I remember how my family and I used to camp. The waves crash back and forth. The sounds of the earth overwhelmed and it was peaceful. Memories are useful at these times – in these lonely times. I wish I had enjoyed every moment I had. I wish I made more experiences. I wish I wish I enjoyed living than trying to make a living. I wished on so many things that night. Mainly because I saw endless stars, it gave me hope to with infinitely as well. My biggest wish was to be home.


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